Required Textbook: Mark D. Ricard, (2013) Applied Biomechanics. 2nd ed. ISBN-13:  9781492223580, 338 pages, Biomech Publications.

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Center of Mass Assignment

Computing Impulse in Excel

Test 3 Review PowerPoint[PowerPoint]

Test 3 Review Questions [pdf file]

Center of Mass for Back Handspring Homework [pdf file]

Instructions to Compute CM in Excel for Back Handspring [Word file]

Center of Mass for Back Handspring [Excel file]

Equation Sheet

Excel File Adding Vectors





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Book Excel Files

Chapter 3

Book Area Graphs for Fig 3.8 and Fig 3.9

Compute Vel and Accel from Pos

Compute Vel and Pos from Accel

Get Vel & Accel Data 1 ANSWERS

Get Vel & Accel Data NO ANSWERS

Hard Pos Vel Accel REVIEW Question DATA

Chapter 4

Lesson 4 Practice File

Lesson 4 Practice File ANSWERS

Sample Test Question

Sample Test Question ANSWERS

Sara Walk 5 XY Data

Chapter 8

Good Rearfoot Running Curve


Soccer Impulse Momentum


Chapter 9

Lesson 9 Assignment

Lesson 9 Assignment Answer

Lesson 9 Practice

Lesson 9 Practice ANSWERS

Lesson 9 Run Curve

Lesson 9 Constant Vel

Lesson 9 Slow Down

Lesson 9 Speed Up

Lesson 9 Vertical Jump

Lesson 9 Vertical Jump1

Lesson 9 walk Practice

Chapter 10

Back Dive Energy

CMJ Example Vertical Jump Power

CMJ Example Vertical Jump Work - Energy

Law of Conservation

SJ Work - Energy

Biodex Data used for Rotational Energy and Work

Chapter 13

Back Flip Practice File

Back Flip Practice File ANSWERS

Rigid Bar


Diving Constant L in the air

Torque & Ang Impulse